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Here's where you can find all my art and shit, I hope you enjoy


[SFM] No One Hides From ME! :icongreenrou:GreenRou 9 4 Emerald Hill - Manic :iconthevirusajg:TheVirusAJG 2,103 297 SAI Doodle - Shadow the Hedgehog :iconjamesmantheregenold:JamesmanTheRegenold 387 44 What if: Metal Shadow :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 418 52 Shadic base form Render :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 259 33 Shadow haft Metal Wallpaper :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 212 11 AbsentedTangent's Funtime Freddy V.3 in 4K :iconeternalnightmareof87:EternalNightmareOf87 4 1 Daydreaming - Page 02 :iconpinkypills:PinkyPills 79 19 Sonic Adventures final :iconbrenoranyere:BrenoRanyere 21 11 sonic adventure DX pose :iconcriselerizo:criselerizo 58 6 Sonic Adventure Perfect CHAOS :iconloli-con-artist:Loli-Con-Artist 83 14 The End of a Grueling Chase... :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 437 103 Super Sonic Vs. Chaos :iconninjahaku21:NinjaHaku21 307 120 Sonic Adventure 1 Pose Remake! Part2 :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 153 19 Sonic Adventure - Hint Orb :icontrinityinyang:Trinityinyang 283 49 Sonic 25th anniversary: Through the Eras! :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 727 130
my favorites...don't know why I need an explanation? XD



Open Commissions
Sketch, Line art, and Full Color Commissions are always open!

Not accepting points as commission payment

Prices (all in USD):

Sketches: $5.00

Line-art: $10.00

Full Color: $15.00

Rules and TOS:

When a client contacts me for work, they agree that my TOS supersedes any TOS said client might have.

I prefer to do business with 18+ individuals, younger individuals need to provide parental permission for me to consider their commission.
Prices are all in USD.
Payment should be made within 48 hours of commission being accepted.
Prices listed are base prices, large groups or heavily detailed scenes may cost extra.
I reserve the right to refuse any individual at any time. If a commission is terminated after payment has been made, a refund will be issued based on the amount of work which has been completed.

I retain all commercial rights to all the images produced by me. I reserve the right to use any image I create as I see fit.
The buyer is free to re upload the work to other sites, provided the signature is not removed from the artwork, appropriate credit is granted, and the work is not used in a commercial matter.
No tracing or replication of my artwork is permissible without written permission.

A partial refund will be given, if the commission is terminated but has already been started (sketch, lines, etc.)
I do not do permanently private commissions, and the commissioner must tell me the date is to be released on.
The buyer is entitled to free MINOR edits (colors, markings, etc.) up to 2 weeks after the commission has been presented to the buyer.

I am an artist who prefers to work from drawn image references as opposed to photos of real life people or text descriptions. More often than not picture references are mandatory, and using text or photos as a reference are often subject to extra charges. I am not responsible for mistakes in my art that are due inaccurate or insufficient references.

Humanoid Characters
Animatronics (fnaf)
furries (experimenting)

-Hate art
-Gore (violent situations that aren't Pokemon battles)
-Fandoms I'm unfamiliar with

General Rules SFW Request and Commissions:

First 5 people in the stream will get a Free sketch request of one or 2 simple characters either standing or in a situation. After that, I will charge 1 dollar.
Overly complicated characters will be charged at least 2 dollars (or more depending on details wanted)
No complaining about dollar commissions, any will be given a warning
If you request a free drawing from me and you leave the stream and never come back, then your request will be void. [Does not apply to commissions and paid for requests, assuming I've been given the money prior]
If you request a OC that isn't yours, proof must be provided (as in screen cap) and whispered to a mod or artist.This will be heavily enforced with NSFW request or commissions.
Keep requests of furry, anthro and feral characters to a minimum, I don't practice them often and I don't have the time to be practicing.
Each REQUEST stream, each user will get ONE request for that stream. If a streamer was in a previous stream, requested something, and it didn't get done, then THAT request will be done the next stream and no others will be offered. [EFFECTIVE 7/18/2015]
Don't expect all my streams to be free art. I will do commission streams. I need the money. 
Requests will be done one at a time, and its first come first serve. 
Commissions will be done before requests.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey everyone, the name's John, I like to draw and model stuff like Pokemon, 5NaF, Mario, OC's and a bunch of other stuff.

I've been around for a long time, but I always seem to get into trouble, I really want this to be my last account, I've had like 7 accounts since around (I wanna say...) 2009, yeah 2009/2010. With this account I will try to keep my temper and not start shit with anybody, so, as a precaution:

I am a classic gamer, I do not like most modern day video games, please don't ask me about them(Pokemon and Mario are the main culprits) because I am quick to temper about them (I don't even know why tbh, maybe blind by nostalgia)

I draw what I want unless its a commission, request, or I felt like drawing it.

I HATE any memes. I am not publicly modeling anymore, and if I DO make some, you'll find out when and if they get released to the public (but please don't expect it)

I AM an NSFW artist too however, I will not link my work anywhere on this site, but I will not hide the fact either.

I am always open for conversation, as long as it doesn't end with a request of some sort because then I feel you're just using me.

Aside from that, we'll get along fine, I hope this last account will stay.

Also, Commissions are always open!
Art trades are open occasionally, depends on the worth of the work I'd be getting in return.
and Requests are closed except for friends!

Okay so, this lil rant type thing kinda just jumps into it, but basically, my opinion on Nintendo's standing, is that they kinda fucked themselves with the Wii U, like, even something as simple as just like..

The Nintendo U woulda worked better, then milking the Wii title
go back to calling things a "Nintendo" not a Wii, or Wii U, or switch
like, look at the names of the systems
The Nintendo Entertainment System, that was a perfect name 
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, just as good
The Nintendo 64, new and worked well with the new 3D feel
The Nintendo Gamecube, worked well and implemented the shape of the console in the name
The Nintendo Wii, really new and strange, but worked for one system
The Nintendo Wii U, so what its a wii with a gamepad? Why a new system?
The Nintendo Switch, back at it with new, and including the way the console works in the name

I think basically, that Nintendo fucked themselves when they made the Wii U, the name was a big reason for its flopping, as well as the poor way they advertised the fucking thing. I have hopes the switch will save Nintendo for consoles, otherwise, they're screwed and it's gonna be all handhelds

  • Listening to: slenderman theme song
  • Reading: jurassic park
  • Watching: vinny vinesauce - tattletail
  • Playing: luigi's mansion
  • Eating: rib eye steak
  • Drinking: milk


got pokemon moon.
now time to make this the most condescending and crude playthrough I've ever done, starting with naming my starter
17457516 1166313870157587 1863361913124707930 N by CosmicTangent92
I didn't know Mike Meyers was in the Mario Movie..
Dennis Hopper 1993 08 04 by CosmicTangent92
Gentlemen, this is democracy, MANIFEST
..This is the bloke whose got me by the penis...
..and YOU sir, are you waiting to recieve my limp penis? How DARE you, get your hands off me!
Please don't go
you've been there for me my whole life
helped raise me
I know your old
but please don't go
If there IS a god
please don't take my grandma from me
its too soon


CosmicTangent92 has started a donation pool!
20 / 5,000
Need core, plus I gotta buy some commissions :3 so if you guys feel like donating, don't be afraid to help out :)

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